Absolute Rehab Centre in Waterloo, Ontario

Absolute Rehab: Your Gateway to Rehabilitation in the Waterloo Region

Since 2005, we have served Kitchener and Waterloo with physical rehabilitation services and other wellbeing treatments. We know that having any sort of physical limitation is frustrating for patients. Whether we are treating a sports injury, rehabilitating a patient post-surgery, or helping patients cope with life-long illnesses, we take a cautious and well-studied approach. Through carefully examining each patient, we are able to create unique rehabilitation plans for the best recovery possible. Here’s how: 

We encourage each staff member to create personal and individualized relationships with each client. This forms a one-on-one support system for the patient and a welcoming environment for them to heal.

We help identify and manage movement dysfunction and enhance physical or functional abilities of each patient. We also prevent the onset, symptoms and progression of impairments or limitations. 

We assess and treat an assortment of Orthopaedic and Sports Injuries, which are common for athletes, “weekend warriors”, but can also be from daily activities. 

We assess and treat those who have been involved in accidents and have sustained injuries-whether they are work-related (WSIB) or from motor vehicle collisions. 

We create an environment where our staff members can establish their career. Through continual learning of theoretical and scientific basis, and widespread clinical applications, we continue to provide restorations, maintenance and promotion of ideal physical function for our patients. 

To see how Absolute Rehab Centre can help you, please book a consultation appointment with us by filling out an online contact form or click to call us directly at (519) 880-1733.


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